Creative Nonfiction

A Mind for Another Time

In our efforts to nurture self-confident thinkers, are we giving birth to an even more close-minded generation than the one prior?

Bride and Groom

An Immaculate Misconception

That particular insistence on the flawlessness of a bride’s appearance irks me.


Confessions of a Closet Introvert

I smiled widely at strangers, but shook with fear at approaching them.

Dada portrait

Daddy’s Diaries XVIII

It’s new, this ability to see my grandfather as an individual, separate from the fact that he fathered my father.

Pride flag


The hesitation to have the homosexual conversation is borne of an inability to maneouver in a foreign language: the language of sexuality.

letter to Jyoti Singh Pandey

Dear Jyoti

I’ve never met you, but I think you were better off because you’d never met me. I’m guilty of a crime I believe to be unforgivable.

In Pursuit of Solitude

My technology ban generated a depth of intrigue my fiction would envy.