Desert dunes

His Desert Pyre

Bodies were clothed in white
in hundreds,
Ghosts without sound,
feet firm on sinking ground.

Closed doors

Blind Spot

Nominated for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers 2017

Painting hook

Grinch in Girighun

Semi-finalist of the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest 2016

An Orca Wails

A conservation myth inspired by the endangered Southern Resident killer whales. Unlike origin myths, these tales tread close to being extinction myths.


If you’ve ever faced a loss that was minimized by someone else, I wrote “Safia” for you.

The Sacrificial First

The best chance a whale has of giving birth to a calf who survives is after having a miscarriage. But the danger doesn’t end there.